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Z.Herbert "Apollo i Marsjasz"/"Apollo and Marsyas"

the proper duel between Apollo

and Marsyas

(perfect pitch vs

enormous range)

takes place just before the evening

when as we all already know

the judges

awarded the god

he is tied tightly to the tree

precisely skinned



before it reaches

his high ears

he relaxes in the shadow of that cry

shivering with repulsion

Apollo cleans his instrument

only on the surface

Maryas’ voice

is monotonous

and consists of only one vowel


in fact



countless treasures

of his body

bold mountais of his liver

white gorges of nourishent

humming woods of the lungs

sweet hills of muscles

joints bile blood and shivers

winter bones wind

over the salt of memories

shivering with repulsion

Apollo cleans his instrument

now to the choirs

joins spinal column

basically the same A

just deeper with a bit of rust

this is the end of endurance

of the god with nerves of plastics

the winner walks away

on the gravel alley

boxtree on each side

he wonders

whether Marsyas’screams

won’t inspire

a new art trend

-let’s say- a defined one


on his feet


a petrified nightingale

he turns around

and notices

that the tree, the one Marsyas was tied to

is gray


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