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Z.Herbert "U wrót doliny"/"at the valley's gates"

After the rain of stars

on the field of ashes

everyone gathered under the angel’s guard

from the hill that lasted

you could’ve watched

bleating stocks of bipedals

there aren’t many of them

even when you count those who will arrive

from cronicles fairy tales and life of saints

but enough of pondering

we should focus on

the valley’s throat

from which a scream ascends

aftera a swish of explosion

after a swish of silence

this voice like spring of fresh water, beats

this is, they explain us,

mothers screaming when their child is separated

cause it turned out

we’re going to be redeemed individually

guardian angels are ruthless

and it has to be said, their job is hard

she pleads-

hide me in your eye

in your hand in your arms

we were together forever

you can’t leave me right now

when I died and need affection

the elder angel

explains this misunderstanding with a smile 

an old lady carries

a cold body of a canary

(all the animals died earlier)

he was so nice- she says, crying

he understood everything

when I was saying-

her voice is lost in the sea of screams

even the lubemrjack

you wouldn’t suspect him of it

an old hunched fellow

presses an axe to his chest

-the whole life she was mine

now she will be mine, too

she’s been feeding me there

she will feed me here

none has the right to

-he says-

I won’t give her away

even those who at first seemed as

without any thoughts followed the orders

walk with their heads lowered in reconcilation

though in squeezed hands they hold

fragments of letters ribbons cut locks

and photographies

that, as they presume naively,

won’t be taken from them

this is how they look

one moment before

the ever lasting division

into those grinding their teets

and those praising the Lord

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