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Z.Herbert "Prometeusz"/"Prometheus"

The old Prometheus writes diaries. 

He tries to explain in them place of a hero in the system of necessity, 

reconcile contradictory notions of fate and existence.

Flames happily crack in the fireplace,

in the kitchen his wife hustles- she’s an exalted girl

who couldn’t give birth to a son, though she comforts herself

she will go down in history.

Preparations for a dinner attended by the 

town’s rector and the pharmacist,

closest friend of Prometheus.

Fire in the fireplace,

on the wall a stuffed eagle and letter of thanks from a tyrant from Caucasus

who thanks to Prometheus’ invention

was able to burn down a rebellious city.

Prometheus laughs silently.

Now it’s the only way 

he shows disagreeent with the world.

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