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Z.Herbert "Kaligula"/"Caligula"

While eading older cronicles, poems and bios, Mr Cogito experients

feeling of physical presence people who died long ago

Says Caligula:

from all the Rome’s citizens

there was only one I loved

Incitatus- a horse

when he entered senate

spotless toga on his fur

shone immaculatedly among the cowardly murderers covered in purple

Incitatus was full of merits

never spoke

a stoic’s nature

I think he read the philosophers at night in the stables

I loved him so much that one day I decided to crucify him

but his noble anatomy opposed the idea

he indifferently accepted consul’s office

he ruled in the best way

meaning he didn’t rule at all

I couldn’t persuade him into continous love affair

with my lovely with, Caesonia

so the centaur line of ceasars wasn’t born

this is why Rome had fallen

I decided to designate him as a god

though at the nine day before the February calends

Cherea Cornelius Sabinus and other fools interrupted those godly intentions

he calmly accepted my death as a fact

they threw him out the palace and banished

he bore this blow with dignity

he died childless

stabbed by a harsh butcher from a town called Anzio

Tacitus remains silent

about the posthumous lot of his meat

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