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Z.Herbert "Przesłuchanie anioła"/ Angel's interrogation

Zbigniew Herbert 

Angel’s interrogation

When he stands before them

in the shadow of suspicion

he is still weaved

from the matter of light

eons of his hair

are pinned into 

a curl of innocence

after the first question

his cheeks fill with blood

tools and interrogation

distribute the blood

with iron with cane

with fire so hot

they define the border

of his body

blows on his back

strenghten his spine

between the cloud and a puddle

after few nights

their work is done

angel’s throat

is full of wet agreement

and how beautiful is this moment

when he falls onto his knees

embodiment of guild

saturated with meaning

his tongue falters 

between knocked out teeth

and the confession

they hang him his head to the floor

from angel’s hair

drops of wax drip down

creating on the ground

a simple prophecy

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First, have a look at WWII: Poland was attacked by Hitler, and whole coutry tried to fight them off, our capitol, my city, burned to the ground(and when i say to the ground i mean it) and people were fighting till the last blood. Even though it meant almost absolutely destroying the city they didnt want to give up.  And then the USRR “helped” us, walking into the ruins of Warsaw and freeing none really, but instead they took control of Poland. And after the war, all the brave people who fought for Poland to free it from Nazis and who thought that maybe perhaps POLAND DESERVES TO BE ON ITS OWN INStEAD OF GOING FROM UNDER NAZI OCCUPATION TO UNDER RUSSIAN OCCUPATION were being interrogated by Polish, who ruled under Russians, and those heroes were considered traitors. They were tortured and interrogated till they confessed things that weren’t true.

Their nails were being pulled out, testicles crushed, fingers broken with  drawers, heads smashed /without visible signs for outside world/ with books about lenin, smashed so hard people get concussion. There were “washing machines” where the tormenters threw water on a person standing in a wall until they either confessed or drow. Former nurses from the WWII underground anti-nazi movement were raped and  shot at the back of their heads. 

so yeah. now you probably have more idea what this poem is about. And it’s not only about Poland, cause almost every country has histories like that. Maybe not always that modern, thank god

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